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Whether you have lived in Livingston County, Michigan your entire life, just moved here, or are thinking about a move to our beautiful area, Livingston County is THE place to be! Livingston County is one of those areas that offers something for everyone. The area has everything from rural living for farming and horses to condo living offering walking distance to quaint downtown areas for dining, shopping, and the local Farmer’s Markets.  If you are looking for Ski Areas, Bike Trails, Lakes, Parks, Golf Courses, Businesses, Hospitals, easy access to local freeways, great schools, the list goes on and on and you are sure to find it in the Livingston County area. Whether you are in the market to purchase, thinking of selling, or both, or maybe you need to rent a home, I am here to help.  I have lived here for over 15 years. My kids have grown up here. I am a full time real estate agent and have been in the real estate business for over 19 years. I would love to help you make your move to Livingston County!
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